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Exterior signs are often the first thing a visitor or potential customer sees. They should promote a positive initial reaction, and should re-enforce the company branding and core values. Outdoor signage must be weather-resistant and able to stand the stresses of the elements.

We manufacture exterior signs from a range of materials to meet the clients needs. Our design team works with architects, specifiers and brand managers to help realise the vision.

First impressions last. Exterior signs are the first thing visitors look at and they express your brand and values. Exterior signs can reinforce a message and give visitors and staff a sense of well-being and comfort.

Research shows that external signage has more branding power than having a social media presence. There is something permanent and long-standing about using physical materials to represent company values and ethos.

So, in summary, digital signage consists of any size screen displaying any type of content for any reason. That’s an incredibly broad description and one of the main reasons that the average person looking to install a digital signage network can get easily confused. The other key reason for confusion, of course, is the huge number of vendors to choose from, which is why there’s a “Top 25 Digital Signage Software Vendors List” instead of just 3 or 4 obvious choices.

“Can we have a logo that is illuminated white at night and black during the day?” We like a challenge ! Our outdoor signage solutions can include a range of materials and fixing methods.

Stainless steel is a popular choice for exterior signage, due to its resistance to corrosion. We can help to specify numerous options to clients to help meet the brief.

Fitting exterior signage can be a logistical challenge, especially when we need to organise access. Our project team has organised the fitting or large signs over dual carriageways and in busy city centres.

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