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Wayfinding Signs

Our extensive range of eye-catching wayfinding signs means you can guide your visitors, customers and staff to their destinations efficiently and effectively.

Wayfinding signage is the ideal visual solution for guiding visitors around your premises, whether it be a retail shop, large office building, hospital or school.

From simple fixed wall signs through to entire wayfinding systems and interactive digital maps, ensuring your premises is easy to navigate is essential for creating a positive visitor experience. Catering to all abilities and accessible for the visually impaired or blind, our DDA compliant braille and tactile options make sure people can find their way safely and confidently.

So, in summary, digital signage consists of any size screen displaying any type of content for any reason. That’s an incredibly broad description and one of the main reasons that the average person looking to install a digital signage network can get easily confused. The other key reason for confusion, of course, is the huge number of vendors to choose from, which is why there’s a “Top 25 Digital Signage Software Vendors List” instead of just 3 or 4 obvious choices.

Choosing the Right Wayfinding Solution

Some cost-effective choices for small businesses include reception signage, door signs and plaques to signpost the most important areas, with illumination being a popular choice for adding extra impact.

Larger premises need their wayfinding systems to clearly and concisely display information through a series of contact points. Floor graphics are commonly used to reinforce routes and flows throughout hospitals and healthcare centres while our modular systems are the perfect flexible option for institutions needing an interchangeable solution.

Crowded event halls greatly benefit from suspended banners or totems with wayfinding information to guide people to the correct stand, with health and safety also being a key factor to consider where large volumes of people are concerned.

However large or small the requirement, we work with you to create a practical and effective wayfinding solution that delivers the functionality you need whilst also showcasing your brand attributes.

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